Who and what we are . . .

Over 200 years of Zymöl formulary expertise is loved by over 20 million customers worldwide. We have and continue to supply the factories producing the worlds finest products.

Now we are excited to bring our factory fresh products to Your home.
Our ingredient base of plant extracts, nutritive oils, natural waxes combined with an ecological modality won us the e2000 award.

From day 1 we have never used harsh chemicals or abrasives. Zymöl products are made fresh and are safe for all finishes, including: natural or oiled woods, new ceramics, acrylics, classic lacquers, chrome and stainless steel.

Our protective disinfectant is the planet's most powerful natural biocide that kills any Virus or Bacteria by stopping it's ability to multiply. 

The Performance of every Zymöl Product is always guaranteed !